Thanks for stopping by the official website of Ken Mercer. Ken is the author of the just released East on Sunset and Slow Fire. Both novels are from Minotaur Books, an imprint of St. Martin’s Publishing Group.

About East on Sunset

Will Magowan, the “vulnerable and deeply damaged” (Booklist) ex-narcotics detective first introduced to readers in Ken Mercer’s critically acclaimed Slow Fire, has decided to retire from law enforcement and start a new life.

Things are looking up: he’s moved back in with his wife and landed the new job he’s always dreamed of.

Then a figure from out of the past appears and makes a mysterious demand. Erik Crandall is someone that Will sent to prison years before, when he was an LAPD Detective. Will tries to brush Crandall off, but the situation escalates into violence.

As Crandall threatens to destroy the new life that he’s built, Will turns to the authorities, but they are of little help. He begins to realize that the only way out is by confronting tragic events from his past–a past he’d do anything to forget. Will must risk everything as he uncovers long-buried secrets and discovers that almost nothing in his life is what it seems.

Praise for East on Sunset

“Stellar… Mercer masterfully ratchets up the suspense.”—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Mercer carefully moves his plot forward, drawing out the tension and adding some surprising twists along the way.”—Newsday

“Filled with realistic characters… especially touching is Magowan’s struggle to sort out a past that is clouded by his use of drugs, the people he should and shouldn’t trust, and his struggle to stay straight.”—Huffington Post

“Mercer gives readers plenty to stick around for.”—San Diego Union Tribune

“Masterfully builds suspense and provides some welcome twists.”—Kirkus Reviews

“I actually had to stop reading at one point because I didn’t want to know what happened next… another character and author to add to your must-read list of favorites.”—Bookreporter

Praise for Slow Fire

“Not one word wasted…writing as taut as stretched hemp.”—Ted Bell, New York Times Bestselling author

“Vulnerable and deeply damaged Magowan makes for a compelling protagonist in this crisp, well-written debut.”—Booklist

“Dark and twisted, Ken Mercer’s Slow Fire starts fast and burns bright. I couldn’t put it down.”—Robert Ellis, author of City of Fire

“Both his prose and his hero are refreshingly honest and direct.”—Kirkus Reviews

“In Slow Fire, Ken Mercer’s suspenseful, atmospheric, and emotionally raw debut, the author skillfully takes us beneath the peaceful facade of a seemingly idyllic town. Haydenville looks like the perfect place for disgraced and grieving cop Will Magowan to find redemption. Instead, he finds a labyrinth of dark secrets, lies, and crime that he must navigate — while keeping his own demons at bay. With its gripping plot, colorful cast of characters and shocking ending, Slow Fire will definitely have readers looking for more from Ken Mercer.”
—Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author of Die for You

“Slow Fire is without a doubt violent… but exceptionally well-paced and carefully plotted… and, we hope, the beginning of a fine new series.”—BookPage

“When an author can get the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end within the first few pages of a novel, you know that he or she is worth the valuable time you will spend reading… Such was the case by the third page of Slow Fire, Ken Mercer’s debut novel.”—Bookreporter

“Ken Mercer’s Slow Fire is a stellar debut. In Will Magowan he has created a hero we care about and fear for, a vulnerable and flawed man plagued by addictions, obsessions and his own shortcomings. The plot – spanning decades of deception and heartache – is riveting. And the prose will carry you away. There’s nothing slow about Slow Fire. You won’t be able to put it down.”
—Louise Ure, Shamus Award-winning author of Liars Anonymous and The Fault Tree

“Slow Fire is a fast-paced rural police procedural that shines a spotlight on the small town meth problem that has not felt the impact of the recession… Will is a fascinating hero.”—The Mystery Gazette

(Ken Mercer photo by Heward Jue)